the custom signature decacorde marina uses

From April 2021, Marina Krupkina plays a special custom signature 10 string guitar hand-built by Davide Serracini

Davide Serracini is the Italian Luthier who specializes in guitar building - steel-stringed acoustic guitars as well as nylon-stringed classical guitars.  What makes him stand out among other Luthiers is that he finds his inspiration in classics of guitar building like Torres, Lacote, Hauser and Stauffer, but alongside with building the guitar types we are all used to, Davide goes further and further in experimenting with different guitar forms and types like Lab guitar, steel-stringed decacorde, classical guitars with adjustable neck, multiscale classical guitars. Also, Davide Serracini built the special triple neck guitar for a famous fingerstyle guitarist Luca Stricagnoli. 

Marina had been in search of a Luthier who knows and uses classical guitar building technologies, but is not afraid of experiments and is successful in them. After 2 years of fruitless search, she was fortunate to find the Luthier who was equally successful in both building the acoustic triple-neck guitar and the replica of Lacote decacorde (1826). Was it destiny? It was!

It soon became obvious that Davide Serracini is the best Luthier to bring to life Marina's idea of a 10 string guitar with nylon strings, but with a smaller fretboard, with cutaway, a smaller body, with amplification possibilities but still great acoustic sound.  

Now Marina Krupkina is playing on Marina's signature decacorde model by Davide Serracini and proudly endorses the Italian Luthier. 


Marina's signature decacorde model by Davide Serracini

Marina's signature decacorde model by Davide Serracini